Inspiration, Guidance and Support for You When You Feel You're at Your Lowest Point in Life.

Join the Exclusive Community for Single Moms and Learn How to Level Up Your Life and Relationships Like Ciara!

Introducing the Healing Single Mothers Community!

Have you been struggling to change your life? You may be at your lowest point in life, feeling stuck, in the struggle, thinking things will never change. Trust me I know, I've been there. And I'm here to help you reclaim your life, your power, and your worth!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

Get immediate access to the private membership portal and content. Put in requests for topics that you'd like guidance on and save our meeting dates in your calendar.

Heal and Release Your Past

Release the chains to your past and rebirth yourself into the Woman and Mother you truly desire to be in a safe supportive Community with your sisters.

Avoid the BS and Drama in Relationships

Save yourself the headache of dealing with the "wrong ones". You don't have to repeat your past. Embrace your Love Lessons and open your heart to love again.

Master Your Mindset

Fears, limiting beliefs, and small thinking are no longer a problem for you. Shift your mindset and give yourself the freedom to dream big!

Spice Up Your Love Life

You are not destined to be alone. Learn how to date with intention and be empowered to attract the love you deserve.

Make Self Love and Care Your Priority

Get the coaching, healing and support you need without breaking the bank. When you invest in yourself, you increase your value.

Let the Abundance Flow

From a space of peace and love you are able to create the life you desire and attract the love you deserve.

Here’s what people are saying about what The Spiritual Love Healer has to offer

I have worked with both men and women, but my heart is set on empowering single mothers like myself. I've been at rock bottom and I know what it takes to rise back to the top. Let me support your healing, growth, and transformation.

Michal a.


I highly recommend her!

I just had an amazing session with Jovhannah, she has a really calm and wise demeanor. She helped me take a whole new direction when it comes to manifesting love in my life. I highly recommend her

Charmaine d.


Helped me to believe in myself again

A huge factor in me moving forward. I appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.

jess l.


You have an amazing gift!

You have an amazing gift! You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed

Inside of the Healing Single Mothers Community™, You'll Find...

The secrets to transforming your life. This is your magic wand to illuminate and inspire change in your life. You will have access to support, resources, and training to help you create the life you desire and attract the love you deserve.


Life, including Dating and Relationships

You don't have to be alone forever or settle for struggle love. Inside of the community, you will get access to masterclasses, trainings, resources, and have access to group coaching to support you where you need it most. Be empowered when it comes to your love life.


Master Your Mindset

Mindset is everything! Together you will cultivate a healthy, abundant mindset that will allow you to release the limiting beliefs and fears of yesterday, so you can fully step into today as the confident and amazing woman you truly are!


Monthly Coaching Calls

Once each month we'll meet for group coaching and support. This is time for you to bring your questions and concerns about yourself, your life and relationships so that you can receive coaching and spiritual support to guide you through.


Monthly Healing Circles

Spiritual Love Healing circles allow us to connect on a heart level. This is a space for sharing and connection. Receive spiritual guidance, clear your mind with meditation, and shift your energy during these monthly healing circles.


Healing Resources

The key to your growth is healing! You have access to guided meditations, spiritual healing, prayers, practices and more to help you heal and release. Learn how to bring healing into your heart and mind so that you can step into the life you want free of the past.

About Jovhannah, The Spiritual Love Healer

Jovhannah helps single mothers heal their hearts and minds from abusive, unhealthy, toxic relationships, to restore self-love, and develop healthy relationships so she can live her best life! 

Surviving domestic violence she knows firsthand the importance of healing, self-love, and healthy relationships. Turning her mess into her message. 

Her mission is to heal, inspire, and create change in the world one heart at a time.

Here’s what people are saying about The Spiritual Love Healer

afua danso

Shine Boss

Jovhannah has a deep connection with Spirit!

Magic Straight up! I felt alive, valued, honored and loved. It was transformative to witness Jovhannah’s deep connection with spirit.

angela andrews

Simple Goddess Tribe

Thank you for helping me take action to make positive changes in my life!

You have such a gift with your card readings. Your insights are amazing, and you help me create a plan of action to take so I can make positive changes in my life. Thank you, thank you!



Jovhannah is your girl!

If you are looking for someone to help you re-set, re-energize, and live a better life she is your girl!

The Healing Single Mothers Community™ is how you reclaim your power, restore self-love, and ignite love in your life.

How many tears have you cried? How many nights have you prayed for things to change. For you to feel better, do better and have better?

Raising a child alone is frustrating and it can be so lonely, especially when you don't have the support that you need.

I get it because I have been there. I have hit rock bottom and had to rebuild my life from the ground up, and Positive Forward Movement™ is exactly how I did it.

Positive Forward Movement™ started as a mantra, then it became a way of life for me. I know exactly what it takes to go from confusion and frustration, to being clear and living in bliss.

This membership program will give you the support you need, allow yourself to be heard and open your heart and mind to experience the healing and growth you need in your life.

If you are ready to welcome love, abundance, and joy in your life, you can't afford not to join.

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Monthly Membership

  • Community Masterclass
  • Monthly Healing Circle
  • Monthly Coaching Call
  • Exclusive resources

Don’t wait! Now is the time to invest in your healing and growth, so that you can be empowered to have the life and love you desire.

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