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I just had an amazing session with Jovhannah, she has a really calm and wise demeanor. Her reading really validated to me what I was already feeling and helped me take a whole new direction when it comes to manifesting love in my life. I highly recommend her!

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Sacred Mother Guidance

Connect to the Divine Mother. Schedule a customized reading to explore the spiritual energy around your role as a mother. This will help you connect with your children, yourself, understand how to navigate parenting/co-parenting and so much more.

  • Explore your role as a Mother
  • Deepen your connection with your children
  • Explore healing paths to Mother Trauma
  • Learn how to navigate and tap into the Sacred Mother

Intuitive Goddess Guidance

Put the focus on you. Explore your energy, paths to healing, self-love. Intuitive Goddess Sessions are designed to help you reconnect with yourself. Reclaim your power and essence.

  • Connect with your Goddess Guide
  • Infuse yourself with Love
  • Bring Goddess energy into your life
  • Focus on your healing path

Heart Healing Guidance

Let's explore matters of the heart from a different perspective. Get clear on what you want, assess the state of your heart or relationship, manifest love, heal relationship issues, uncover blocks to love, deepen your connection to yourself and others, and so much more.

  • Shift the energy in your love life
  • Take steps to manifest love
  • Find closure from past relationships
  • Work through fears around love and relationships

Spiritual Life Support

Life is Love and We are living. Spiritual Guidance readings can help bring a sense of peace, clarity, and support to all areas of your life.

  • Align with your Highest good
  • Tap into your potential and redirect your life
  • Uncover what may be blocking your path
  • Know what steps to take to shift the energy in your life

Intuitive Guidance Sessions help you

  • Understand the dynamics of your relationship
  • Explore your role as a Mother
  • Deepen your connection with your children
  • Explore different options for your life
  • Bring harmony to your mind, body, and soul
  • Connect with yourself or your partner on a deeper level
  • Take steps towards healing yourself or your relationship
  • Get closure and know when and how to let go
  • Eliminate confusion and get clarity around your love life
  • Work through changes and grief
  • Develop healthy ways to connect with others
  • Get aligned with your spirit
  • Explore your life path
  • Provide security, reassurance, and peace of mind

My Promise to You:

Heart-Centered Attention

Love is my default. In fact, it is my spiritual gift and why I am focused on healing single mothers.

Each session begins with a Heart-Centered Intention.

My Life Purpose is to help Single Mothers heal and reconnect with yourself and others.

Only Love and Light

Only words of truth and love are spoken here. I will not bring in negative energy or leave you hanging with fear around your reading. That doesn’t mean that your reading will be only good, it means that if there are challenges or obstacles they will be presented in an empowering way. I will respect and honor my Code of Ethics as a Professional Tarot Reader.

Spirit Led Services

Everything is led by Spirit and done from my heart. Your reading starts long before we connect. I prepare myself and my space by clearing energies and creating sacred space. I intuitively choose the decks and spiritual tools for your reading to give you the best service and experience possible.

My readings are gentle, safe, and accurate, but also real. 

About Your Spiritual Love Guru

I’m Jovhannah, The Spiritual Love Healer! It is my sacred duty to support single mothers when it comes to love, dating, parenting, relationships and your life, so that you can heal your heart and truly open up to the love and life you desire and deserve. 

I have been studying and reading Tarot for over 15 years, using Tarot and Oracle cards to help my clients understand their life and relationships, the energies that are influencing them, obstacles that may be in the way, and how to navigate love for your best and highest good.

Tarot is one of many spiritual tools I use in my personal and professional work to help you heal your heart and mind, so you can experience the love and healthy relationships you desire and deserve!

As a Healer, Master Life Coach and Intuitive Tarot Professional, you get the best of support and guidance with me! I help you understand and process the information that the cards reveal. It’s not about predicting the future, but providing guidance and shedding light on the energies impacting you and the steps you can take to manifest the outcome you desire.

I love, Love, LOVE working with these tools to help you make amazing changes in your love life and relationships, and if you are struggling with love and relationships, I am committed to getting you through it.

Loving Words from My Clients

An Intuitive Guidance Session with me is just what you need to get your heart and mind aligned. I can help you overcome any challenges giving you trustworthy guidance to help you navigate love and life.

whitney W.


Jovhannah's readings always help me achieve the clarity I am looking for on situations and questions. She's able to take your questions and give you a thorough reading and even when you aren't really sure what you're looking to hear. She gives you not only what the cards are saying but helps you relate it to your inquiry. I go back to her time and time again.

afua danso

Shine Boss, Singer/Songwriter

I am honored and proud to call Jovhannah My Spiritual Love Coach and healer because working with her ~ be it through Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing Sessions or Coaching ~ feels like a holistic retreat & spiritual awakening for my SOUL. I highly recommend Jovhannah for your next Spiritual Love engagement, Business Leadership event or private coaching session.

Jessica L.

Reading Client

You have an amazing gift!

You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed

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