Helping single Moms Live Abundantly Ever After

Let's take the single out of single Mother! You are a Mother. That's beautiful and should be celebrated. Let me help you release the pain and drama so you can experience the life and love you desire.

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My Single Mother Story

Meet Jovhannah, The Spiritual Love Healer

Jovhannah Tisdale is a Spiritual Healer and Advisor. Certified as a Master Coach, EFT and Mindfulness Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card and Tarot Reader, Angelic Healing Practitioner, and Intuitive, known as The Spiritual Love Healer. She is the founder of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary and creator of Healing Single Mothers.

Now as a Master Healer, Love Guru, and Spiritual Guide, Jovhannah brings love and healing to single mothers worldwide. As a single mother herself, Jovhannah prides herself on transforming pain into love ensuring to shift the energy of love back to its true essence, one of divine, spiritual love.

Jovhannah helps single moms heal their hearts and minds from abusive, unhealthy, toxic situations and relationships, to restore self-love, and empower her to develop healthy relationships and create the life that she truly desires.

Working with Jovhannah takes you on a transformational journey of healing and growth through courses, events, coaching, healing sessions, intuitive readings, and aromatherapy to incorporate a holistic approach to healing and change. She focuses on shifting your mindset and relationship patterns, raising your vibrations to the frequency of love.

Surviving domestic violence and the side effects of abuse, she knows firsthand the importance of healing, self-love, and healthy relationships. Turning her mess into her message, Jovhannah believes that women are the pillars of the community and when we are happy, healthy, healed, whole, and complete that radiates to our children, men, and communities. Her mission is to heal, inspire, and create change in the world one heart at a time.

Jovhannah is a yogini, an avid reader, lover of tea and all things magical! She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her two daughters.

Why Healing Single Mothers

I created this space because as a single mother I have endured hurt, pain, abandonment, struggle, and all of the things. Not to mention the shame and judgment that gets cast on women like me.

So essentially this was birthed out of frustration and my desire to shift the narrative and help other single mothers to shift your mindset and realize that you can have the life, love, and success you desire.

As a healer and coach I noticed that most of my clients were mothers, or the children of single parents, or broken families. It was clear that my story, my gifts, and my knowledge would best be served working with women who I closely identified with.

I went from broken, scarred, afraid, depressed, stressed and living my worst life to being empowered as a single mother, who freed herself from Corporate America and is living my dream. You can do it too.

It starts with us healing as women, empowering ourselves as mothers, and shifting your path. Healing Single Mothers was created to help you deal and release with any pain, trauma, limiting beliefs, or fears keeping you feeling stuck where you are now.

Motherhood Part 1


Motherhood Part 2


What’s Next in My Own Journey

My current walk in life is focused on helping my daughter heal her own challenges. I am also being called to incorporate my spiritual beliefs and practices deeply into my life, truly embodying what it means to BE The Spiritual Love Healer.

I also have goals to not only grow my business to provide a better lifestyle for my family by becoming more involved within my local community, and expanding my work to support children, men, and family/communal units with spiritual coaching and healing.

Attracting love is also important to me. I desire to be loved and supported, and to call in my own Spiritual Love. That means I am exploring dating and building new relationships.