December 11

Spiritual Journal for Single Moms


This year I was inspired to create a spiritual guide for 2021. It started with me just sharing spiritual insights, and then it transformed into a journal. Complete with space to write out your goals, create intentions, and explore the energy that each month holds for you.

I published the journal on Amazon, so it’s also available in paperback, but wanted to share more about the thoughts and intentions behind it.

In planning my own year, I really tap into spiritual energy and my intuition. It’s made a huge difference for me. I wanted to give other single Mothers access to another layer of information to help you evolve and grow through the coming year.

2020 was not easy. AT ALL! When I pulled ‘Freedom’ as the Card of the Year for single Moms, I knew that guidance and support would be needed and so the first ever, Single Moms Spiritual Journal was birthed.

Each month I’ve pulled an oracle card from the Womanifesting Affirmation deck created by Goddess Abiola Abrams. With each card is a theme, an intuitive message, journaling questions, space to set intentions for the month and goals. Plus I’ve included details on an essential oil and crystal you can work with each month.

At the start of the planner are journaling questions to help you reflect and get clear on your vision for the year.

Here are a few images to show you what the journal looks like:

I’m really proud of this creation and hope that it brings you lots of joy in the year to come. The Single Moms Spiritual Journal is available in both digital, pdf and paperback.

Order yours today!


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Be Open to Receive Support

Be Open to Receive Support
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